B5 S4 Tuning
  • B5 S4 Tuning

    Stage      |93 octane                              |E85               

    Stage 1   | +80/+86wtq                          | N/A

    Stage 2 +|100whp/+103wtq                  |+135whp/+130wtq

    Stage 3   |+215whp/+213wtq                |+285whp/+220wtq

    Stage 3+ |+200-300whp/+200-300wtq | +300-600whp/+300-600wtq

    Stage 1 is designed to work with a stock vehicle with upgraded diverter valves.Stage 2 includes rear o2 code out. It is designed to work on a vehicle with a full exhaust with stock fueling and turbo with upgraded diverter valves. Upgraded intercoolers recommended.Stage 3F is designed to work on a vehicle with a Frankenturbo, 550cc injectors, Stock Maf housing and full exhaust. Upgraded intercoolers recommended.Stage 3 is designed to work on a vehicle with a K04 or Frankenturbo, full exhaust, 550cc or 750cc injectors, and 85 Hitachi maf housing. Upgraded intercoolers recommended. Hitachi maf required.Stage 3+ is designed for big turbo setups such as SRM k24's, Gt28, Tial 605/770 with 750-1600cc injectors.

    • Our Policy

      Please ensure your vehicle is in good working condition, free of boost leaks and has fresh spark plugs that are properly gapped. Modifying performace vehicles carries certain risks.  Upon purchase of any J-Fonz Tuning Products you assume these risks which include boost leaks and associated damage, excessive clutch and transmission wear, and excessive tire wear from wheel spin.

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