Vegas and Back

I took a trip to Las Vegas last week. I stayed with Sean @ SRM and had a great time. First up was a Tial 770 built motor B5 S4 on E85. Then we did a motor build on Mrs. SRM's B5 S4 Avant. 2 days start to finish with an end product that runs great and pulls like a freight train. I did some wiring on an SRM project car which is a 996 turbo with a built motor, trans, and Pro Efi 112 ecu. I also did a little tinkering with the SRM shop 996 turbo 3.8L built motor/trans on Pro Efi... the thing pulls great and the Pro Efi traction control works amazingly well. Then to cap off the trip we loaded up the Dyno Comp 5000 into the truck and I made the 30 hour drive back to Atlanta safe and sound!

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