Project UkuRiSh B8.5 S5 Turbo 3.0T

My good customer Oleg asked me If I'd be interested in tuning his 2013 S5 Turbo Project and I jumped at the opportunity. Oleg Has been putting together solid build after solid build for years. They are always fun and challenging to tune because they are anything but run of the mill.

This time we have a Precision 6466 paired with the Audi S5 3.0T (Turbo only- Supercharger removed) with an upgraded DSG transmission. Currently the setup is running on the stock bottom end with the capability to rev out to 7,800 rpm.

Tuning for stock motor is completed on 20 psi 93 oct with water/meth injection. The log images show some of the tuning progress and currently where the car sits on Rev 5. WHP figures are calculated from ecu tq output log. Dyno results and 1/4mi track results will be updated in the near future.

The next couple steps in the build include TCU tuning to support 7,800rpm redline and E85 tuning

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