Project Ukurish Update Audi B8.5 S5 3.0t

So we have made loads of progress on the Precision 6466 powered S5 3.0t.

-1st dyno session completed 470whp 430 wtq on 18 psi with e40 blend fuel.

60-130mph time of 9.92 seconds at this power level.

0-60mph time of 3.7seconds at this power level

-More tuning completed to 27psi on e40 blend. Oleg had to modify the in-tank fuel pump to support the extreme fuel demands. Dyno testing and proper 1/4mile testing to come.

60-130mph time of 7.49 seconds at this power level.

0-60mph time of 3.15 seconds

1/4mile on street with draggy of 11.14sec@129mph

-Transmission tuning is ongoing. Power had to be reduced in the midrange to prevent clutch slippage.

Dyno Pulls and Street testing videos.

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